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'The World of Yamamoto Nizo: Animation Art Director Born in Goto Island, Nagasaki'


July 20-Sept. 16

Born in the Goto Islands of Nagasaki Prefecture, the animation art director Nizo Yamamoto is renowned for his background illustrations for numerous Studio Ghibli films, including “Grave of the Fireflies” (1988), “Princess Mononoke” (1997) and “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” (2006).

In an exploration of Yamamoto’s oeuvre, 60 exhibits — from original drawings to a display of his art supplies — have been brought together at the Iki City Ikikoku Museum in Iki, one of the Goto Islands. The landscape painting “One Hundred Views of the Goto Islands” and new works, created specifically for this exhibition and inspired by Iki, will also be on display.

Iki City Ikikoku Museum; 515-1 Fukae Tsurukifure, Ashibe-cho, Iki, Nagasaki. Accessible by ferry from the Kyushi mainland to Indoji Port. 8:45 a.m.-5:30 p.m. ¥500. Closed Sept. 2, Sept. 9. 0920-45-2731;

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