Ever been so angry you felt like you were going to explode? In "Promare," the new anime film from studios Trigger and Xflag, that's no metaphor. The story goes that when the members of a certain segment of the population get mad enough, flames burst from their bodies, leading to fiery death and destruction.

Fast forward 30 years, and those volatile members of society, dubbed Burnish, have been largely brought under control. The gleaming city of Promepolis is replete with anti-Burnish technology, from futuristic fire hydrants to an elite team called Burning Rescue, dispatched whenever a Burnish blows his or her top. Piloting mecha exoskeletons that can turn on a dime, leap into blazing buildings in a single bound and launch rapid-fire rounds of super-chilled ice bullets, Burning Rescue are basically the world's coolest firefighters — literally and figuratively.

The newest member of Burning Rescue is hotshot pilot Galo Thymos (Kenichi Matsuyama), a self-proclaimed moron who thinks with his heart long before his head ever catches up. But, after doing battle with the terrorist group Mad Burnish and its leader Lio Fotia (Taichi Saotome), Galo begins to question the party line, and soon discovers there's more to the Burnish than just fiery rage. When he learns the truth, Galo must choose between sticking with his mentor and hero, Kray Foresight (Masato Sakai) or teaming up with Mad Burnish — with the future of all humanity at stake, natch.