Paranoia (Power Game)
Director Robert Luketic
Language English
Opens Nov. 15

“Paranoia” could almost be described as a spinoff of “The Expendables,” only the oldsters are sitting behind mahogany desks instead of firing machine guns. This sounds boring, but it isn’t, really. Consider the premise: Harrison Ford (with not one hair on his head) and Gary Oldman (looking evil and spiffy) are corporate rivals, locking horns and growling at each other, with Liam Hemsworth (Chris’ brother) wedged between them in the manner of a grade-A burger patty. Sounds promising.

“Paranoia” is entertaining for people who enjoy watching a young person struggle and claw their way to the top as they compromise personal honor, throw integrity out the window and get on the fast track to sleaze and greed.

To be fair, Hemsworth’s character, Adam, can’t really help it. He is ruthlessly bullied and manipulated by the two older men, who are solely interested in using him as a pawn in their power games. Poor Adam flails and flounders, trying to stay alive long enough to get the girl (Amber Heard), get some money and be the good guy. But youth and prettiness are no match for crusty, case-hardened menace. Ford and Oldman generate enough vileness to sink a barge.

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