This is one terrible movie — the equivalent of a date that any sane woman would avoid like bird flu. Now that I’ve stuck on the warning label I can relax, and tell you that I secretly loved “3 Days to Kill.”

Directed by a man who goes by the name McG (possibly a warning label in itself) — this stars Kevin Costner as work-addicted CIA agent Ethan Renner, estranged from his family, and on the path to becoming an old curmudgeon — if he can stay alive. Ethan has cancer with three months to live, and he decides to reconnect with his daughter Zooey (Hailee Steinfeld), who lives in Paris, while there’s still time.

Out to foil his good intentions is evil chick Vivi Delay (Amber Heard), who sends Ethan on a mission in exchange for a life-saving drug. Ethan proceeds to inflict his CIA-trained brutality on some Europeans and in the process, asks everyone (especially his victims) for advice on how to raise a daughter.

3 Days to Kill (Last Mission)
Director McG
Language English, French, German (subtitled in Japanese)
Opens Opens June 21, 2014

Costner has aged like moonshine in a filthy barrel and he’s just plain wonderful. Combined with Hailee Steinfeld’s teenager-from-hell performance, it makes for a memorable father-daughter tale.

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