Neon Cloud was a mysterious entity when it first surfaced a little more than two years ago, but with the release of its second EP some of that mystery is starting to clear.

The 2011 release, "Knit," consists of four tracks that revel in the once-fashionable Internet subgenre called witch house. It's easy to dismiss acts associated with those types of trends, but in Tokyo musical styles seldom truly die. On Neon Cloud's latest release, "Scar," the sound continues to be defined. More importantly, though, the two behind the project have finally unveiled themselves: experimental beatmaker Geskia and the softly-sung Cuushe.

"We are inspired by beautiful, dark, mysterious, unleashed music such as Portishead," they admit via a joint email, before citing goth and shoegaze influences. "When we were making this EP, we were so depressed."