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Shadai Gallery, Tokyo Polytechnic University

by Jordan Sievers

Staff Writer

Covering the aesthetics of clothing, dress style and appearance, this show features black-and-white photographic prints from the gallery’s collection of around 10,000 works. The exhibition focuses on the significance of the stylistic appearance of garments and the facial expressions of its wearers.

The works presented have been chosen to illustrate the idea that clothing is a symbolic construct, where fashion or style can reveal something about the life, hobbies, occupation or social status of the subject. The images on display cover many different eras, cultures and fashion styles, and feature all forms of photography — from self-portraits to candid and group shots; Nov. 17-Dec. 25.

Shadai Gallery, Tokyo Polytechnic University; 2-4-7 Honcho Nakano-ku, Tokyo. Nakanosakaue Stn. 10 a.m.- 8 p.m. Free admission. 03-3372-1321;

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