Children pay surprise visits to fathers working overseas; Tomoko Blanks dishes on Billy’s fried chicken habits; CM of the week: Takasu Clinic

Many Japanese men live far away from their families because of job assignments. The men in “Sekai Hataraku Otosan” (“Fathers Working in the World”; TV Tokyo, Mon., 7:54 p.m.) live as far away from their families as you can get — in foreign countries. The premise of this documentary special is to have their children pay them surprise visits.

In one segment, twin third-grade boys from Hyogo Prefecture make a secret journey to India to see their father, an engineer for a local ink-manufacturing company. In another, a man who works for a Japanese construction firm in Thailand gets a visit from his fifth-grade daughter. There is also a man who has been working in the Philippines for as long as his fourth-grade daughter has been alive, and another father working on water purification in Vietnam.

In the same vein, the regular series “Sekai no Nihonjin-dzuma wa Mita” (“Seeing Japanese Wives of the World”; TBS, Tues., 7 p.m.) goes abroad to check out a few of the 200,000 Japanese women who have married foreign men and moved to their husbands’ countries. The main segment of this week’s two-hour special focuses on Tomoko Blanks, the wife of Billy Blanks, who created and stars in the smash-hit exercise program “Billy’s Boot Camp.” The couple live in Los Angeles, where Tomoko reveals to viewers her problems with Billy’s diet, not so much because it’s high in calories but because he loves to eat fried chicken with … Well, you’ll see.

Another segment is about a Japanese woman living in Andalucia who has trouble with the Spanish custom of siesta, during which she cannot use the telephone or even the toilet for fear of waking up others.

CM of the week: Takasu Clinic

Katsuya Takasu, the owner and public face of Japan’s most successful cosmetic surgery chain, Takasu Clinic, is known as an egoist, but he has a selfless side that makes generous and mostly unpublicized contributions to world charities.

In his clinic’s latest ad, the charity is smaller and more personal. Figure skater Miki Ando is simply shown doing her routine, and there seems to be little connection to cosmetic surgery, but in truth, Dr. Takasu, dismayed by the public criticism Ando has attracted due to having a child out of wedlock, has become her main supporter so that she can go to the Sochi Olympics.