The camera never lies — or does it? The double-barreled exhibition now on at the Yokohama Museum of Art suggests that it doesn't always tell the truth either.

"Two Photographers: Robert Capa Centennial/ Gerda Taro Retrospective" is a time-traveling trip back to the middle of the last century — a period of fast-moving political struggle and military conflict — through the lenses of legendary photojournalist Robert Capa and his partner Gerda Taro.

Capa is regarded as a heroic figure, as someone who bravely used his camera in the noble fight to get the truth out, but, to those prepared to look deeper, this exhibition presents enough material to raise a few questions about this myth. Most significant is the inclusion of Taro's work and narrative. She was Capa's girlfriend and worked closely with him during the Spanish Civil War, the period that established his legend.