Seiho Hayakawa started making music the way a lot of curious kids growing up in the digital age did — by fiddling with his cell-phone ringer. But he eventually plunged headfirst into the world of jazz as a high school student, with a trumpet at his side.

Those early experiences stuck with Hayakawa, 24, who now records under his given name. He produces electronic music of many moods, from thumping hip-hop-inspired fare to jazz-tinged chill-outs. This blend of dance music and jazz has made Hayakawa one of the most intriguing artists in a burgeoning Kansai electronic scene, highlighted by his debut album, "Mercury."

Released on Hayakawa's own Day Tripper label, "Mercury" rockets from idea to idea. It opens with the relaxing and smooth "Previous Night," but soon shifts to hard-thumping beats on "Pool." Whether Hayakawa is leaning on jazz-standard instrumentation (stand-up bass) or digital "blips," "Mercury" remains a compelling listen.