Kenji Takimi

by Mark Jarnes

Special To The Japan Times

DJ, producer and founder of Crue-L Records, Kenji Takimi has been a central figure in Japan’s house and disco scene since the late 1980s. The Japan Times takes a flick through the big man’s record bag.

Golden Oldie: Edgar Froese — “Pinnacles” (Virgin). This track is heavenly and good to bring a long night of partying to a close, or even after the party ends.

New Classic: Tiger & Woods — “Deflowered” (Editainment). A tune to be played in long mixes, with sublime sounds and development. I often play out the B-Side, “Gin Nation,” too.

Floor Filler: Parada88 — “You’re Gonna Miss Me” (International Feel Recordings). A re-edit of the hands-in-the-air piano house from back in the day. I have to say, this one feels great when played outdoors.

Must-Listen: Being Borings — “Love House Of Love” (Crue-L Records). My new 12-inch from Crue-L. Good for after-hours and making love to.

Kenji Takimi will play Freaks Village on Oct. 1-2. For details, visit Also, check out a mix at