Lady Gaga vs. Kuroyanagi; Korean boy-band drama remake; CM of the week: Sogo/Seibu

A couple of weekends ago, Lady Gaga conquered Japan with her willingness to engage each and every person who crossed her path. On the Monday edition of “Tetsuko no Heya” (“Tetsuko’s Room”; TV Asahi, 1:20 p.m.), Japan’s longest-running TV talk show, the pop star known to her parents as Stefani Germanotta will be Tetsuko Kuroyanagi’s sole guest. As always, she’ll be dressed to the nines, this time in a black ensemble that resembles a kite and headgear that spirals up above her head. In fact, it’s big enough to hold the gift she’s brought for Kuroyanagi.

Her Gaga-ness will discuss her couture and the March 11 disaster, and introduce video taken during her first concerts in Japan.

TBS starts a new weekly drama series called “Ikemen Desu Ne” (“You’re Beautiful, Guys”; Fri., 9 p.m.), based on a Korean drama that was a huge hit throughout Asia. It’s about a boy band called A.N.Jell, who consist of three members: Ren (Yuta Tamamori), Shu (Taisuke Fujigaya) and Yuki (Hikaru Yaotome).

A.N.Jell are ridiculously popular, but the president of their production company, Ando (Masanobu Takashima), wants to add a fourth member. The group’s manager, Mabuchi (Shingo Yanagisawa), finds the perfect match, a cute orphan named Mio. However, on the day that Mio is supposed to go to Ando’s office to sign the contract, he gets into a fight and breaks his nose, so Mabuchi talks his twin sister, Miko, into impersonating Mio just for the contract signing. Matters get complicated when Ando asks his new discovery to sing and it turns out he/she really does have the voice of an angel. Mio/Miko is played by Miori Takimoto.

CM of the week: Sogo/Seibu

A lot has happened to Seibu and Sogo, two of Japan’s biggest department store chains, over the last decade. In 2009, the stores merged and shortly thereafter were taken over by Seven & i Holdings, which owns 7-Eleven and Ito-Yokado.

What hasn’t changed is the ad campaign for the stores’ big semiannual sales, which originally promoted Seibu exclusively. Its enduring jingle is a syncopated sing-song melody with only one lyric: “Okaimono” (shopping).

In the current ad, the song has been adapted with a samba rhythm, with two bears dressed in Carnival costumes dancing. Is it CG, or little people in costumes?