I feel like I'm in a "Kill Bill" outtake and I guess that's exactly what the three cool chicks I'm with intend. They lead me down a Nishi-Ogikubo side street and up a darkened staircase. At the top is a pair of doors and the handles are bolted-on samurai swords.

"Cool, eh?" whispers Yoshiko "Ronnie" Fujiyama, and I murmur my agreement. Ronnie pulls the sword and when the door opens I feel like Uma Thurman entering the sushi bar in Okinawa in "Kill Bill." Ahead of me, standing behind the counter, holding a big kitchen knife and clad in a white apron is the genial master of this eatery and he looks like Sonny Chiba's bigger brother.

Ronnie is the guitarist/vocalist with The's, and she and drummer Sachiko and bassist Saki order a massive plate of french fries dripping in melted cheese and ketchup, with beer and sake to wash it down. They're here to tell us about the band's role in Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" and their new album, "Bomb the Rocks," which was released last week.