Meet Grigio. Wine lovers are likely familiar with the name, and a quick search of the drink’s flavor profile will turn up descriptions such as “light, crisp, and dry.” But it’s the “zippy, mouth-watering acidity” part that fits this Grigio well.

Grigio lost his home when his owner moved and didn’t take him along, and the shock of quarantine at ARK and shelter life itself has only added to his distress. The next blow to Grigio came when his very best friend, Pino, was adopted — and Grigio was left alone again.

This guy really needs a home, and he’s certainly capable of warming to other cats. He’s 5 years old, a hefty 4.5 kilograms and a breed called a Munchkin characterized by extremely short legs. Grigio is understandably confused and standoffish right now, but he’s mellowing — he can hiss and bite, but he’ll also give you a cute meow and even show his belly.

Grigio needs an environment and friends he can count on. One of his favorite things to do in his spartan environment is to find a high place and a ray of sunshine where he can stretch out (memories of happier days, perhaps). We’re hoping someone will be that sunshine for him — and not just a ray but a full-on sunrise.