Calabash came to ARK after a run-in with the police! No crimes were committed though. He was simply found roaming around, so the police picked him up and he was lucky to find his way to the shelter.

He is such nice dog, which means he must have had a good home at some point. Calabash is part Kishu, a native Japanese breed, and he is typical of many Japanese breeds in that he seems to have a guard dog instinct. He doesn’t immediately warm to people he doesn’t know but he’s also not difficult to get to know, especially if you come bearing treats.

Once Calabash gets to know you, he’ll be your best friend. He’ll walk right into a room and ask for some affection. He’s about 7 years old and not into intense exercise, but he loves to walk and doesn’t tug. He’s smart and knows some tricks, like “paw.” He has a problem in one eye but is still healthy, and he eats and plays like a much younger dog. Calabash is a real find and a definite a keeper.