Views from Tokyo: What do you think of the decision to ditch Zaha Hadid's Olympic stadium plan and start from scratch?

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced earlier this month his plan to abandon architect Zaha Hadid’s original design for a new National Stadium for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo due to ballooning costs. Instead, there will be a new bidding process.

Courtney Lavicka
Mom, 31 (Japanese-American)
Starting from scratch would be a great idea given all the budgeting issues. Japan can reveal its new stadium to the world during the Olympics. This will, over time, help promote how beautiful Japan really is, and how it’s a desired place to visit for future guests, and that could help with Japan’s economy in the long run.

Josiah David
Teacher, 26 (Canadian)
I haven’t read too much about it and I know a lot of people don’t like it, but I was living in Ottawa when people complained about the cost and design of our own stadium. Many didn’t think it was worth it because of how it looked, but once built, it became part of the city’s character, so Tokyo should not start from scratch — it is fine as it is.

Izumi Kaneda
Educator, 47 (Japanese)
I’d like the stadium to be used by local residents after the Olympics, so that in time it becomes a part of Tokyo and Japanese history. For the athletes it will remain in their memory, but the same should apply to normal people too. We need an impressive stadium but this one costs too much, so they should go back to the drawing board.

Noritaka K
Businessman, 39 (Japanese)
Start from scratch. One problem is that there are too many organizations linked to it all, and we don’t know who has responsibility for what regarding the ¥252 billion stadium cost. Many Japanese don’t know why the costs are so high so the process should be more open, with the budget costs disclosed and simple to comprehend.

An Castro
Student, 12 (American)
I think that they should start again from scratch with the new stadium design and costs because ¥252 billion is a lot of money, and according to the other cities where the Olympics have been held in the recent past, they spent much less money than Japan planned to use for the main stadium.

Katsuyuki I
Basketball coach, 37 (Japanese)
Start from scratch, because it is so expensive and the government should use the money for other things — for students and the next generation instead of using so much on the Olympics. Social systems such as nursery schools and kindergartens are not well-funded, so let’s use the money there.

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