First featured here in May, spectacular specimen of a poodle Gran has now found a home with Tomomi Watanabe.

"Meeting Gran was none other than destiny," the resident of Nagoya says. When the two met, it was love at first sight.

The initial attraction she felt was so great that all "requirements" Watanabe had set for herself in selecting a dog "went out the window."

Watanabe explains: "Gran is a really good-natured, beautiful being and seems pretty comfortable with me. He has truly enriched my life. I have someone that I care for and about, and I notice the difference in myself. Thanks to Gran, I'm really enjoying the little things: changing seasons — even getting up early, which I used to dislike. I can now honestly say I like mornings! I could never have imagined how utterly enjoyable life with Gran would be. He has changed my life."

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