Tokyo: Where do you get your news fix from?

Robert Lim
Language professional, 42 (British)
I get my news from a wide range of sources. I actually have my own news website, which has hundreds of links ranging from Information Clearing House to Fox News. Don’t get me wrong, I am no fan of Fox News, but we need wide parameters and we need to read everything in between. Diversify your news sources!

Tatsuya Yamada
Caterer, 30 (Japanese)
I get my news from the Internet by way of my smart phone for the most part, but I do watch satellite TV when I want to get the weather forecast or sporting news. I am not a big fan of NHK as it is sometimes too hard to watch.

Linda Pepin
English teacher and sales rep, 50s (American)
My own news source is The Japan Times. For as long as I have been here, I have looked to the “All the news without fear or favor” paper. I enjoy both the domestic and international news. It is also nice to handle a real newspaper versus reading the news on the Internet.

Arisa Mikuriya
Student, 22 (Japanese)
In the past, I always got my news from my mobile phone and off [the Internet forum] 2channel, but I realized that is sometimes exaggerated and controlled by nerds, so nowadays I watch News Zero on Nihon TV, every day — the best news source, in my opinion.

Yuya Ishihara
Sound creator, 30 (Japanese)
My source for news is Yahoo News. As it is online, I can look at the site wherever I happen to be, so it’s easy and I like that. It also means that I don’t have to buy a newspaper, which costs money — and Yahoo is of course free. I never watch news on television.

Natsuki Tamura
Student, 23 (Japanese)
I usually watch TV, but only NHK, because they always approach things more seriously, whereas private TV companies such as Fuji or Nihon TV make everything entertaining. NHK let’s each of us think about a given situation ourselves while other channels pick and choose with editing and entertainment in mind.

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