Tokyo: What does Japan do better than anywhere else?

Rajeshwaran G
IT consultant, 27 (Indian)
Everyone here in Japan, or in Tokyo at least, is so disciplined and always punctual. The Japanese people I have met stick by their comments and the promises they make, and in my experience excuses are not accepted as much as they might be elsewhere.

Michal Rachtas
Engineer, 27 (Polish)
Japan is so very well organized, in my opinion. I am really surprised how, with all the traffic there is in and around Tokyo, it is so clean and well-maintained. Also, the people are so polite all the time, and more often than not are very hospitable.

Makiko Sato
Insurance firm staff, 37 (Japanese)
I think Japan and the Japanese have a great reputation for caring about other people, keeping streets clean and providing excellent service. Also, the people are so orderly that even walking on a sidewalk packed with commuters is not so stressful.

Valentin Brossard
Computer engineer, 26 (French)
The people — they are always so polite, nice and smiling. If and when you ask a person a question, they really try to help, sometimes going out of their way to do so, which I think is really good. And of course, the food is great — I love the noodles here.

Naoko Ito
Housewife, 44 (Japanese)
Sumo! Of course it’s a very popular sport in Japan — our most traditional of sports, handed down through the centuries. As a result, many foreign people come to Japan just to see sumo, and from what I see and hear, they really seem to enjoy it.

Tim Lackorzynski
Ph.D. student, 28 (German)
Everywhere’s clean, and people and trains are punctual. It’s a bit fake at times, but there are always plenty of people for everything. At Tokyo Tower there were three women on the main counter, one by the elevator, another inside — all to see us to the top.

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