Jeff Windham
Translator, 31 (American)

He has some good ideas, but sometimes they are a bit extreme. He has a good chance of succeeding, but if he goes too far, people will turn against him.

Hirotaka Takeshita
Company employee, 37 (Japanese)
I think Toru Hashimoto will complete his vision for Osaka and be a member of the Diet in 10 years. As long as he keeps an eye on what’s going on, Osaka will be better economically.

Nanako Muto
Student, 21 (Japanese)
He will find success in his life as a member of the Diet (in Tokyo), but he will abandon all responsibility for Osaka, and the city will not change in the next 10 years.

Masaya Miyagi
Part-timer, 26 (Japanese)
I don’t know if he’ll leave Osaka and join national politics or sink into oblivion. He probably won’t live long, as he’s too honest to make his way easily in the world. Ten years isn’t long enough to change Osaka.

Performer, 27 (America)
He is just copying (U.S. President Barack) Obama, saying “change”. But nothing will change about him and Osaka. We don’t want any change in Osaka.

Yumi Aimoto
Florist, 46 (Japanese)
I think he is making great efforts, and there are some small changes here now. It is difficult to make huge changes, but eventually he will get there by taking small steps.

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