Tokyo: How can Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda ensure he lasts longer than his predecessors?


Ginger Vaughn
Reporter / Ph.D. student, 33 (American)
Noda needs to rebuild confidence in Japan’s political system quickly so he can focus on domestic urgent needs such as: post-disaster measures, new energy policies, financial reconstruction and tax reform, and reviving foreign policy.

Minako Watanabe
Fashion pattern designer (Japanese)
He must learn to work with all the political parties rather than focussing his energy on purely winning elections and gaining power, like his predecessors. I have high hopes for him.

Hiroshi Mochizuki
IT, 31 (Japanese)
Complicated political ideas need to be shown more clearly through popular media. Until now we’ve only see these idea in short bursts on TV news, etc. His new approach should be to use the Internet to speak to people.

George Pulham
Engineer, 54 (English)
Caroline Pulham
Recruitment consultant, 57 (English)
He needs clear leadership and to be decisive in Japan and on the world stage. Since (Junichiro) Koizumi people abroad haven’t been aware of Japan PMs’ names due to the constant changing.

Shinji Ono
Student, 18 (Japanese)
I think he should listen to the Japanese people and generate more of a connection between politicians and the people. The Japanese need to feel more in touch with their politicians than before.

Sarah Everitt Furuya
FEW (For Empowering Women in Japan)
president, 40 (English)
He should avoid making lofty promises he cant keep and later be ousted for. Perhaps he should make some kind of commitment to stay for three years and carry out these ideas.

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