Yokohama: What should be new Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda's top priority?

Yusuke Kamei, 31
Consultant (Japanese)
Because of the nuclear accident, we need to change our energy sources. Also, not enough children are being born. Something must be done to encourage people to have more children.

Nguyen Pham Hai Yen, 22
Student (Vietnamese)
Fukushima is a big problem. Noda needs to open up with more news and information. People need to know more about what is happening, and more quickly.

Yasuhide Ishigami, 29
English school owner (Japanese)
The most important thing is to address economic recovery. The unemployment rate needs to decrease and we also have to cut or eliminate the national debt.

Derek Lee, 33
IT consultant (American)
The most important issue is stabilizing the political climate. Japan has had so many PMs. Instilling faith in the Japanese people again and earning their trust is important right now.

Patricia Bader-Johnston, 50
Business school professor (Canada)
The short-term priority is dealing with the March disaster. Long-term, this has highlighted that firms must get more connected globally. Local economies are not integrated with the global network.

Adam Fulford, 54
CEO (British)
Noda should use as a motto “leaders will follow.” It’s essential for the latent potential in Japan’s regions and Japanese youth to be fully explored for the benefit of Japan’s future.

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