Kamakura, Kanagawa: Is it better to own a car or not in Japan?

Ché Graves
Teacher, 32 (American)
I think the public system here is really good and you can use that. I think it’s better for people not to own their own car unless they have a lot of money and they think they look good in a new car.

Fred Corneby
Airline cabin crew, 47 (British)
Judging by the streets, there are lots of cars lined up and the public transportation system is good, so I would say it would be best not to own a car.

Momoe Inomata
College student, 22 (Japanese)
If I had a car I could go lots of places and do many things with my friends, but someone who owns a car told me there are many costs to cover. So I guess a car is good if you can afford it.

Bill Young
Between jobs, 48 (American)
It’s better to own a car to go to Costco and all the other big stores. Also, you can take dogs places in your car, which is very important to me. You can’t take dogs on the train.

Miwako Matsumura
Vocalist, 63 (Japanese)
It’s convenient to own a car, especially if you have kids. My kids are grown up, but it’s still good to have a car. If my husband or I got sick and an ambulance couldn’t come quickly, we’d need a car.

Kenji Kanazawa
College student, 22 (Japanese)
Young people don’t really need a car; public transportation is good compared to other countries and the roads are narrow and crowded. Also, people without experience drive dangerously.

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