Kanazawa: What's the one thing you couldn't live without?

Yasushi Taka
English teacher, 22 (Japanese)
It has to be comedy. I watch comedy almost every day on TV or on YouTube. I especially like Japanese manzai, but that’s only one kind that I’m a fan of. I’m always exhausted when I go home, but comedy always makes me feel better. I think laughter is the most important thing in life.

Lou Schouten
Artist, 27 (New Zealander)
I think music is incredibly powerful. Music can make people think about new ideas. It can connect people. Music can change the world, if we let it! For me, when I listen to good music or sing my favorite song, I feel happy. Music is joy — that’s why I couldn’t live without it.

Richard Farmer
Freelance Zen scholar, 25 (British)
I might die without wine in my life. A crisp white to accompany a boozy Sunday lunch with a friend, or a full-bodied red while sitting somewhere warm to escape Kanazawa’s winters. There are two types of day in my life: days when I have to drink wine, and days when I have to drink a little more.

Tomoko Fujimoto
Dental assistant, 52 (Japanese)
For me, the most important thing is reading books, especially for arranging trips. I always want to make plans to go on an exciting trip after reading a book about it. Traveling gives me energy; when I feel bad, reading about trips and traveling makes me feel better.

Michael Markey
Translator, 26 (American)
I couldn’t live without coffee. The best moment of the day is waking up and drinking my first cup. The rest of the day is a downhill slide, until I drink my next cup and then I feel awake. That cycle repeats for the rest of the day until I go to sleep. Does this make me sound like an addict?

Mari Kasada
Biology teacher, 28 (Japanese)
I couldn’t live without nature, because that’s what I love being around. When I look at nature, it makes me realize how wonderful our world is. When I am surrounded by green trees, water, birds singing, I feel alive! I also think it’s just simply beautiful, especially in Australia.

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