Tokyo: What's your favorite Japanese music?

Shotaro Haruna
Engineer, 29 (Japanese)
I like pop music, especially from the group Gukki. My favorite song is not so popular here in Kanto; it’s the theme song for Universal Studios Japan (begins singing the tune). It is so nice — it gives us motivation for work and cheers us up.

“Free person,” 29 (Japanese)
I don’t listen to much Japanese music. I used to listen a lot to Dexpistols, but not so much any more. I also like Hi-Standard — they split up 10 years ago but are having a reunion gig on Sept. 18, so I am excited about seeing them play again live.

Joe Daniels
Teacher, 25 (English)
I like the 80s-style electro-pop music here, like Yellow Magic Orchestra. I first heard their music playing in the background of a Pocky commercial. I quite dislike Japanese idol bands, which I think are based on artificial personalities, cute looks and blogging.

Masashi Oda
Barista, 26 (Japanese)
I like Japanese and foreign music, but my favorite Japanese artist is Takagi Masakatsu. I like ambient and instrumental music — it feels connected with nature. Also, I like listening to Southern All Stars, but unfortunately they are not currently playing together.

Rie Okuma
Art manager assistant, 29 (Japan)
I love Shibuya-kei (music that originated in Shibuya in the 90s), such as Kenji Ozawa, Pizzicato Five and Flipper’s Guitar. I first heard this music when I was a high school student in Kyushu and immediately thought “I have to go to Tokyo!”

Lincoln Lam
Private teacher, 24 (Canadian)
I began listening to mainstream Japanese pop music a long time ago in Canada, perhaps during 6th or 7th grade. It holds a strong sentimental value for me. In particular I like artists such as (Hikaru) Utada and Ayumi Hamasaki.

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