Shonan: After the bout-fixing scandal and the March 11 quake, do you think the sumo Summer Basho should still be held?

Robert Feeney
English teacher, 32 (Irish)

I can see how people would be very sensitive about the issue, given the scandals and the disaster. On the other hand, people do want life to go on, and sumo is one of the cornerstones of Japan’s sporting society. I’d like to see them go ahead with the tournament.

Sansai Kunimatsu
Producer, 38 (Japanese)
If the sumo association donated proceeds to quake victims, it would be a great chance to win back the hearts of the Japanese people. The roots of sumo are a dance to pray for a good harvest, so the sumo wrestlers should perform for the rebuilding of Tohoku.

Manami Hakoda
Student, 21 (Japanese)
It’s a really difficult problem. I think the summer sumo tournament really should not be held. There was a bout-fixing scandal, and there is probably a long history of other scandals in the sumo world, too, and this would be a good chance to fix things.

Kazuo Kubota
Soba shop owner, 61 (Japanese)
I think the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament should not be held. Whether or not there was an earthquake, they need to solve all of their other problems, including fixed bouts, before they hold another tournament.

Okoro Festus
Company employee, 35 (Nigerian)
I think the summer tournament should be held to support all the people who had their homes destroyed by the tsunami and need help. I believe it will give all the people the momentum to overcome the hardships they are going through right now.

Mina Takeuchi
Housewife, 31 (Japanese)
I think the tournament should be held. Many people are waiting for the Summer Basho, and I think the people in Tohoku especially should be able to see it. I also think that the scandals are not as big a deal as has been reported in the media.

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