Nagano: Aside from Zenkoji Temple, what’s so good about Nagano?


Byron Savill
Engineer (retired), 54
Compared to Tokyo, it’s easy to learn Japanese in Nagano because hardly anyone will speak to you in English, even if they can! The people are friendly, though.

Megumi Fujisawa
Student, 20
Kamikochi has a lot of beautiful scenery, so it was designated as a national park. Nagano is a vast treasure trove of nature. We should preserve it for the future.

Yasumasa Nakayama
Director (retired), 69
I love the abundant nature in Nagano. The other day I went to a big city on business and had to escape quickly. Japanese metropolitan areas are too crowded.

Cui Yue Hui
Research student, 25
There are restaurants in the mountains around Nagano where they plant vegetables and cook them themselves. We can visit their gardens, take pictures or do sketching there.

John Baranski
Missionary, 59
Nagano is a small big town — country living in a city. I heard that Nagano people are considered the coldest or most unapproachable of all those in Japan, but I don’t believe it.

Takako Furuse
English teacher, 51
I’m proud of the fruits and vegetables in Nagano. The apples are delicious. New kinds are produced every year. Akibae has a beautiful color and a sweet-and-sour taste.

Wang Qi
Research student, 28
People here are really friendly. There are so many beautiful views, as well as yummy food and amazing hot springs. Nagano is a peaceful town; that’s why I fell in love with it.

Ayaka Matsumoto
Student, 21
There are man soba (noodle) restaurants here, especially around Zenkoji Temple. Togakushi soba is particularly famous and delicious. Soba manju is good, too.