What does Team Japan have to do to advance further in the World Cup?


Somboon Phinichkusolchit, 45
Textile merchant (Thai/Indian)
The Denmark game was the best I have seen from Japan in years. To beat Paraguay it must be the same formation. Good results breed confidence, but Japan must beware of over-confidence. Go Samurai Spirit!

Nobuhiko Kawashima, 34
Office worker (Japanese)
I think Honda’s strength is just behind a speedy forward. His long shots, and free kicks are best. Bring in Morimoto in front of him and release Honda more. And no Nakamura, he will slow down a game that needs speed.

Jayhan Gumus, 37
Bar owner (Turkish)
Japan has to use its technique and skill, quick passing and high work rate. Be first to the ball every time. Nonstop football, for 90 minutes. Also, be aware and prepared for Paraguay’s South American style of playing.

Maki Seiki, 23
Student (Japanese)
Changing the system at the last minute worked for Japan, despite all the press negativity, so I say trust Okada. Honda and Komano are playing, when we expected Shunsuke and Uchida . . . Okada knows what he is doing.

Brian Miller, 43
Businessman (Canadian)
Japan just has to do more of the same. Their pressing game was superb, as high up as possible. Work, work, work . . . and if Kawashima, in goal, stays on form, he’ll do what’s necessary and allow the rest to get goals.

Tetsuji Matsumoto, 37
Businessman (Japanese)
Do NOT sit back! Attacking is the best form of defense. Do not change the system, do not change the players. Keep passing the ball, stay open and beware of Paraguay’s counter-attack.