What are your thoughts on the U.K.’s new coalition government?


Gareth Pughe, 56
It is either doomed to failure and there will be another election within the year, or it will break the mold for British politics, and that would be a good thing.

Daniel Clark, 25
Soccer coach
I would’ve preferred a true majority decision, not a hung Parliament, but as long as they are able to put aside their differences, it has the potential to be a great system.

Patrick Mansfield, 76
Company director
It’s wonderful. I’ve been waiting all my life for this. They can’t run away from each other’s arguments any more. They have to find solutions for the coalition to work.

Natalie Takahashi, 29
Designer (British/Japanese)
Like Japan, Britain has until now only had a two-party system. The Lib Dems were never considered a serious vote. I’m looking forward to seeing how things “change.”

James Stevenson, 29
Event planner
I think there should be more options than the traditional two in a real democracy. This has at least provided us with a new chance for diversity within our system.

David Howard, 47
Chartered Accountant
Clegg and (Tory Prime Minister) David Cameron talk a great game, but the back benchers will squabble and this could cause the coalition to fail, possibly within two years.