Should smoking be banned in public places?


Saki Kuroda, 24

Schoolteacher (Japanese nonsmoker)

Yes, It should be banned. Smoking is not only bad for the smoker’s health, but also for nonsmokers through passive smoking. In public people should think about others.

Alex Wright, 23
Teacher (American nonsmoker)
I don’t smoke. However, I don’t really care if people smoke around me. I say leave smokers alone.
Live and let be.

Masako Imai, 24
Phone engineer (Japanese smoker)
I smoke but I think it should be banned. I really want to give up and I think that if everywhere became nonsmoking, it would make it much easier for me to do so.

Luke Collings, 35
Musician (British smoker)
I’m a smoker but am against others having to share my addiction. It’s only a matter of time before society wakes up and realizes how addictive and destructive nicotine is.

Jenny Wilcox, 31
Civil servant (British smoker)
I smoke but I agree with a ban. It forces people to smoke less. I’m from London, and although smokers were against the ban at first, it now feels totally normal.

Chris Kennedy, 23

Student (British nonsmoker)

Walking past a smoking area, like the one by Hachiko, feels and smells absolutely awful. At least if smokers could smoke anywhere then it would be spread out.

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