What would you miss most about your homeland if you lived abroad?


Sachiko Yamada
Writer, 33 (Japanese)
I was in the USA from 1997 to 2003, and one thing I missed was the service. In Japan the customer is always right, but in the States the shop staff often take the higher ground with their customers.

Shintaro Yanase
Employee, 30 (Japanese)
I would definitely miss Japanese food. If I had to make it through every day without eating Japanese food, I think I would find it very stressful. Food for me is a home comfort.

Emi Chiba
Dental nurse, 30 (Japanese)
I would really miss my friends and family. I could cope with living abroad much more easily if I had people I could be myself with and share things. Friends give us this strength, so I would need to find some.

Nitzan Kon
CEO (Israeli)
I miss Israeli cuisine, especially shawarma and hummus. I would also miss the beaches — beautiful white sand and clean water. The oceans in Israel are perfect. The sea is not too rough, but not flat either.

Intellectual Property Council, 26 (French)

I would miss spontaneity. Although what appealed to me about Japan when I came here was a more functional, convenient and regulated society, I now find myself sometimes missing the opposite of this.

Yukiko Takemi
Student, 19 (Japanese)
I would miss my family, of course. However, I would also miss the Japanese language. It’s very rare to find people in other countries who speak Japanese, so I wouldn’t have the chance to speak it.

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