What are your thoughts on the arrest of Tatsuya Ichihashi?


Mika Shiobara (Japanese)
Housewife, 27
The police made a big mistake when they cornered him at his flat and he got away. It’s amazing that it took more than two years for them to catch up with him.

Paul Briganza (Canadian)
Web consultant, 36
I’ve seen police procedures before here, and they have their own careful, considered approach. They may differ from procedures abroad, but they did finally catch him.

Lori Henderson (Scottish)
Media organizer, 30
It’s very easy for us to criticize the police, but the end result is that the man they wanted to apprehend has been apprehended. This is important to remember.

Carolyn Pieroway (Canada)
Education consultant, 48
They did an atrocious job at the start. Since then they have been under pressure from the public and media around the world. This led them to act more quickly and catch him.

Satoshi Saito (Japanese)
Property developer, 33
One reason they took so long to catch him was that they disclosed either too much or too little information to the public at any given time. That helped Ichihashi outwit them.

Anton Harrington (Australian)
Cinema manager, 33
Using a public train seemed a questionable way to bring him back to Tokyo. Was there an agenda? It was a bit of a circus with the media at the station.