What's your favorite place to go for some fast food?

by Louisa Chan

Tomoko Shibahara
Dietitian, 33
I’ve read many medical journals that say junk food causes obesity, heart disease and high cholesterol, so I avoid eating it. It’s important to eat a well-balanced diet to stay healthy.

Jiwan Rajbhandari
Restaurateur (Nepalese), 38
Chicken is very popular in Nepal. I like Kentucky Fried Chicken because the taste is similar to Nepalese-style chicken. It’s a bit more expensive than other places, but it’s much tastier.

Nami Setoguchi
Translator, 29
The burgers at Mos Burger taste really good and I don’t feel guilty when I eat them because they taste like real food, unlike burgers from McDonald’s, which taste like junk food.

Ted Basil
Teacher (Australian), 39
I like Mos Burger because they have unusual burgers and they make everything fresh when you order it. The onigiri burger is my favorite and the hot dogs are great as well.

Chihiro Nakajima
Veterinarian, 32
I don’t go to fast food restaurants often, but my favorite one would be Burger King. The burgers are bigger than those at McDonald’s and there’s more variety to choose from.

Rajesh Sapkota
Chef (Nepalese), 30
I think First Kitchen is really nice because the hamburgers are tasty and also quite cheap. It’s good value for money compared to other places that sell hamburgers.