What would you do if you were prime minister of Japan?

by Louisa Chan

Taka Tetsu, 28
Department store staff
I would change the pension system. I’m very worried about my future. I think by the time I retire I will only get ¥60,000 a month if things stay as they are now.

Nicci Kashani, 25
Teacher (American)
Japan has a reputation for being friendly, but in fact it can be quite closed. As prime minister, I would promote international events to bring multicultural awareness to people.

Takashi Terada, 24
Guitarist for Drive Money
There needs to be a more equal distribution of money between the rich and poor. The current tax system isn’t fair. I would make rich people pay more tax.

Ikuno Ito, 32
I would create a referendum system in Japan so that citizens can voice their opinions. Ordinary people should be allowed to vote on important issues that affect their lives.

James Foss, 33
Teacher (American)
We need to celebrate the diversity of people within Japanese society, in particular the Ainu. I would make a special Ainu Day for the indigenous people of Japan.

Saori Ogiwara, 30
It’s difficult for women to go back to work after giving birth due to a lack of child care in Japan. I would build more nurseries and make care more affordable to mothers.