How do you feel about the death of Michael Jackson?


Samuel David Ellard, 29
Music shop owner (U.K.)
After Jackson’s death, every second person that came into my shop asked about his records. I think he was a talented musician, but I’m not the greatest fan of his work.

Nguyen Duy Srederie, 26
Systems engineer (French)
He was very famous, so I was shocked when I heard of his death. I think many people in France were sad to learn about his death.

Jess dela Merced, 27
English teacher (U.S.)
I think the whole thing has been blown out of proportion. I’m sad that such a talented musician has died, but I guess we’ll have to quickly learn to live with it.

Yuma Tayaka, 19
Student (Japanese)
The fact that this globally known star died is also sad for us Japanese. Recently I watched the Thriller music video, all 13 minutes — the moonwalk is absolutely amazing.

Naoki Yamamura, 45
Company employee
I’m sad. He was probably the most famous person in the world. I listened to his songs while getting ready for work or in the car — he always put me a in a good mood.

Yuki Tanida, 21
Student (Japanese)
It’s really sad. He was a great person. It’s a shame he died just as he was about to make his stage comeback. I grew up listening to his records.