What's your favorite word and why?

by Louisa Chan

Sarah Bull, 32
Translator (Australian)
My favorite word is “enthusiasm” because I like it when people enjoy what they are doing and show it; otherwise it’s really boring.

Yuji Asazuma
Beer salesman, 39
I like to drink and have fun, so my favorite word is “beer.” My firm imports beers from all over the world. I want to introduce new types of beer to Japanese society.

Hitomi Kuwae
Engineer, 32
I like “kinkonichiban” because it’s a positive word, which means “to gird oneself.” Hearing it makes me feel free and gives me courage to try new things.

Masafumi Ochiai
Pharmacist, 38
I like the word “enjoy.” Many Japanese people work too hard. Work’s important, but it’s just as important to enjoy your life and spend time with your family.

Nozomi Kubo
Office worker, 23
“Kibo” has the same meaning as my name, Nozomi, which translates as “hope” or “wish.” This is a very positive word and gives me great power.

Gary Raisanen
Teacher, 43 (Canadian)
“Shoganai,” because when something happens that’s beyond our control, it’s easier to say “it can’t be helped” than to get angry or complain about it.