What are your New Year's resolutions for 2009?

by Louisa Chan

Mari Kajiura
Housewife, 37
I want to get really healthy next year by watching what I eat and exercising every day. I’ve just joined a pingpong club, so hopefully I’ll play regularly.

Tam Prasadgurung
Chef, 25 (Nepalese)
I’ve only been in Japan for about two months, so I don’t know that many people. I want to make lots of friends in 2009 and go traveling with them.

Ryoko Nagayama
Part-time translator, 34
I want to become a freelance translator. I want to translate for a lot of people. I’m interested in tourism and science and would like to work in these areas.

Hilton Langford, 48
Salesman (Australian)
I like traveling and meeting new people. I want to go to lots of countries, particularly in Asia, to learn about different cultures and lifestyles.

Mamiko Takahashi
Sound technician
I want to improve my business English. I can make general conversation, but I have difficulty using formal language for meetings and negotiations.

Na Liu
Restaurant staff (Chinese)
I want to get a new job. I really want to help the community, especially elderly people. My dream is to work in a nursing home.