We have been receiving inquiries asking for help in finding old contacts, friends and family. Since we are unaware of any organization that specifically handles this kind of request, the best we can do is to print them here. Just send your name and as many details as you can dredge up from the past, stating clearly that you give permission for such information to go into print. Of course, we can promise nothing. But if contact is made, we will be more than happy to bring those involved together by mail or e-mail.

Lost daughter, Yokohama

Norman Landers was recently was made aware that he has a 51-year old daughter possibly living in Yokohama. Assuming she is still alive, he feels driven to try and find her.

Landers lived with her mother Michiko for two years, from 1954-1956. He left Japan in the April of 1956, unaware that Michiko was pregnant.

“I am now almost 73 years old and would, if at all possible, like to find this woman, my daughter, before I die. I want to tell her she does have a father who loves her, and to apologize to her. I would also like to find Michiko.”

Landers fears it may be an impossible task, but he does have some ideas on how it could be done.

“I need someone in Yokohama to work with me. Can you help . . . or do you know someone who might help me?”

Out of South Africa

Albert Shandy, who lives in the U.S., is looking for Yoko Takada, with whom he worked around 10 years ago in South Africa, but has since lost contact.

“I am trying to re-connect because I and my family are considering visiting Japan in the near future. Is there any way I can find her?”

Old friend, Chiba City

Singaporean Joanne Gan is looking for her friend Hiroyuki Yoneyama, with whom she lost contact in February 2007. She first met him in 2003 when he was working as a car mechanic/engineer in Chiba City. Can anyone help her get in touch?

Family ties in Sendai

Susan Kay Gawne-Neeb, who lives in Ontario, is looking for relatives of Tomie Kay Endo-Gawne of Sendai.

Former colleague, Tokyo

John Le Maire used to work in Tokyo and is trying to contact Tony Fordyce, who used to work for the same company.

“I know Tony is still there; he has now been resident in Tokyo for over 25 years. He works in the shipping industry and is also much involved in the cricket scene. I’d really like to hear from him.”

Filipino-Japanese heritage

Jeffrey Yamaji is 23 and living in Malabon in the Philippines. Having read an article in this paper regarding Filipino Japanese-born children, he is seeking help in finding his own father and says he is in dire need of any link or info that could help find out more about him and or even get in touch.

From El Salvador to Kyoto

Marina Azucena would like re-connect with Silvia Portillo, who married and moved from El Salvador to Kyoto around 1975 or ’76.

“Silvia’s Japanese husband’s family name was Ikeda, and they met when he was a physical educator traveling to San Salvador in El Salvador.”

Marina, who lives in the U.S. now, would appreciate any help in finding her very dear and long lost friend.

Memories of Bath, 1982

Claudio Belle writes from Verona, Italy, concerning a Japanese woman he met in Bath, England, in 1982.

“Her name was Yoko Hoshi, born November 1958, and she was at that time living in Tokyo. I still have photos of the trip I made in 1982 to meet her in Japan. Since then we have drifted apart, but now I feel driven to do all I can to try get in touch with her again.”

Kawamura family, Nagoya

Barbara Taylor, who lives in Lancaster, Pa., wants to help her Japanese mother, who has been in America for many years and has subsequently lost touch with all of her relatives.

“She has not been back to her country in over 30 years, so finding family would be very special to her. For me too, since I too was born in Nagoya and have not been there since 1967.”

Barbara says her mother’s family name is Kawamura and her mother’s sister’s name is Toshiko. Toshiko’s daughter’s name is Machiko.

When Toshiko got married she kept the Kawamura name but might have been married twice and could have dropped the name.

Machiko’s last name is Kawamura. Barbara’s grandfather’s name was Kenji and her grandmother’s name was Haru. They too were from Nagoya.

“Aged 78, it would be nice to see my mother reunite with a relative before it is time for her to leave this earth. Can anyone help me”

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