Foreign brides

Regarding the ” ‘gaijin’ lady thinking of marriage to her Japanese guy” (March 3), LGK is surprised we didn’t direct her to the Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese ( www.afwj.org ), which boasts a membership of 500.

“She can join now — doesn’t need to be engaged or married. AFWJ is a good source of practical advice and support. She can contact the secretary through the Web site, be put in touch with local members in her area, and attend one or two events as a potential member if she likes.”

Animal magic

RC saw our reply to the cat query (also March 3) and offers a personal experience as encouragement.

“We got our cat Linus from Ark about 10 days ago and so if folks are looking to adopt a pet, I would recommend them.”

ARK mostly handles cats and dogs, although a duck named Gako also makes an appearance on their Web site ( www.arkbark.net/ ).

RC continues: “Not only does Ark have a screening process in order to make sure that the right animal is matched with/to the right owner, but all the animals are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Future owners have to pay the neutering fee (¥15,000) and for any transportation involved.”

In R’s case, Linus was put on a plane to Tokyo’s Haneda airport (¥4,000 for the ride), where a Tokyo Ark office rep picked him up and took him to his new home.

Super-size me

Gavin writes: “I was wondering if you could help me with a problem that I know I share with many other foreigners here: I’m having difficulties trying to find clothes that fit me. Do you know of any online stores that cater to English-speaking shoppers like myself? I have ordered from online stores based in America, but the shipping fees are horrendous! Please help me!”

Gavin, finding larger-size clothes is a topic we have covered in the past, but largely in terms of regular shopping outlets. Online shopping is a whole new ball game, and I have to admit to defeat in finding anything helpful in English.

However, there is a Japanese Web site that offers several links to companies here offering larger-size clothes and shoes, including the well-proven label Lands End. Get a Japanese friend to help you out if the language barrier is a problem. The site is: park.zero.ad.jp/~zbb38369/index.htm.

Any other sources and tips welcome.


D saw an article written about Toriizaka Art on March 21 and wonders how to get in touch with Greg Copeland, who was mentioned in the article.

“You said that he does design, space planning, reforms and custom carpentry, which makes him just the man we need to help with some updates on our house.”

Greg, a Canadian originally from Vancouver Island, comes highly recommended, working hard for as long as the job requires and, by his own admission, “a bit of a perfectionist.” You can contact GC Innovations on (090) 1700 6212, fax (03) 5725 2850, or e-mail grc@gol.com.

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