What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in Japan?


Anne-Marie Walsh
Accountant, 26 (Irish)
At the airport there was a funny poster of cartoon dogs thinking something. I also thought it was strange when I went to eat, I had to press a button to get a ticket for food.

Jamie Brassett
Lecturer, 41 (English)
A toilet-roll hat — it was a real roll and you could pull pieces off. I saw another thing you wear on your head to prop up your chin so you can sleep on the “Tube.”

Joanna Tarkowska
Product design, 28 (Polish)
The toilets are amazing — you have the strong jet, the jet-all-over and the front jet for the lady with a little picture of a bum. I’m also surprised to see ladies in kimonos on the street.

John van Moyland
Finance, 41 (English)
I’ve eaten things here that I’d never have imagined would be on my menu, like innards. We once got given a picture of a cow and we pointed to the part we wanted to order.

Mia Thoen
Mom, 39 (American)
I saw a guy in a Winnie the Pooh outfit with guys who looked like they were hosts. He was drunk off his mind and was taking it very seriously.

James Parsons
Market research, 41 (U.K.)
A children’s show called “Shimajiro.” One of the things it teaches is how to go to the toilet and there’s a talking toilet and a talking turd that gets flushed away.