Will changes to the education law foster nationalism in classrooms?


Attorney, 33
It was a bad idea to pass the law without the opposition. The change could have a broad interpretation, therefore it’s uncertain as to whether the outcome will be positive or negative.

Jewelry, 23
I agree with the law. I think it’s important for us to learn about our country, but we have to be aware of our position in the world. We don’t want to revert to pre-war positions.

Clarisse Lehmann
Student, 22
It’s okay to foster cultural identity, but bad to reverse pacifist tendencies. It’s better that the government doesn’t meddle with this. Patriotism should be taught at home, not institutionally.

Akihiko Tsuchiya
Counselor, 24
My generation know little about how older people lived and may be losing out on old Japanese culture. This law could be very positive if used to promote exchange between generations.

Matthew Huster
Student, 23
I am glad Japan wants to regain a national consciousness but families, not schools, should be responsible for this. Neonationalism is not the way to get it back.

Reiko Aoki
Professor, 50
We have to be cautious as voters as to what the next step will be after inception. I don’t agree with the direction Abe is taking. Patriotism is not the most pressing problem in Japan’s schools.