Have you ever had a racist experience?


Toru Ishii
HR worker, 30
In Texas, I was walking on the street and some guy came up to me, said “f***in’ Jap” and punched my stomach. Once at a Nagano onsen, the entrance guy said “gaijin dame.” I told him “I’m Japanese!” and he apologized and let me in.

Laura Fagundes
Teacher, 29
One night at a Shibuya curry shop, my order came in a bag. I said: “I didn’t order take out.” There were lots of wasted people coming in after me and getting seated. The guy working there said: “You’re gaijin, it’s easier if you go.”

Barbara Bowman
Teacher, 27
I’ve experienced good and bad racial discrimination. The goods are great, and the bads are so minor they’re not worth mentioning, and I think they happened mostly because I couldn’t speak Japanese, not because I’m white.

Mayu Tsuchiya
Teacher, 36
I lived in London over 20 years ago when their weren’t so many Japanese there. Whenever the local children saw me they always yelled “Oh, Chinese! Ching Chang Chinese!” Everywhere I went, kids pointed at me and made fun of me.

Natsumi Shimizu
Housewife, 34
I had this American male friend once who said it was commonly known among white people that when God created humans, first he made Caucasians, then he made Asians and lastly he made black people.

Ricky Matthews
Banker, 36
When I’m sitting on a train and it’s very packed, but there’s a spare seat next to me, no one will sit down. And that’s because of me. If I get up, two people sit down. It’s not racist so much, but I just feel like the odd man out, not fitting in.