Christian Butzek
ALT, 27
There are a lot of bad two-parent hetero families People say kids should be raised in a “normal environment,” but I’m not sure what that is. If two gay people are going to do a good job then I have no problems with it.

Jennifer Pack
Graphic designer, 32
I’m for it. I think that everyone should have a chance to adopt a child. I have known more homosexual couples that have stayed together longer than hetero couples, who are also loving and kind and would make great parents.

Aki Suzuki
Student, 30
I think it’s okay for a gay couple to adopt if the couple love each other. And if they have good jobs and can properly support the children, then yeah. But I can’t really see it happening in Japan for a long time.

Sean Austin
Teacher, 30
I support it. If the parents-to-be are responsible, then why should a child go without the love and attention they would in an orphanage. I do have a problem in that if gay people are cross dressers, they need to respect the child.

Richard Szabo
Bar worker, 23
I don’t, definitely. I wouldn’t like to have a mum and dad male, or all women. Like, “Hi, my mum’s Jack and my dad is Frank.” I think kids need one parent of each gender. I wouldn’t like that to happen to me, so I don’t support it.

Vicky White
Fashion marketer, 24
I’m a bit divided on the whole thing. I think that in principle it’s fine, but it might be a bit hard on the children when they’re at school, with teasing from other kids. But I think it will gradually become more accepted.

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