Volunteers, taxes and Amnesty


Reader S. lives in Gifu-ken and is looking for volunteer work in her area. She also travels to Nagoya on weekends to meet friends, so is looking for volunteer opportunities there too.

She hopes to enter medical school in the autumn of 2007 and would like to have the opportunity to do some kind of volunteer work for at least a year, but has been unable to track down any groups in the Nagoya area that she can contact.

Probably the best place to start for S. is the Nagoya International Center.

They have a volunteer registration program that allows both foreign and Japanese people to participate in the local community. While much of the work of the Nagoya volunteer system is geared toward international exchange and understanding, they may be able to point S. in any other direction she might like to go.

The volunteer co-ordinator at the Exchange and Co-operation Projects Division can be contacted at (052) 581-5689 or the center can be contacted by e-mail at info@nic-nagoya.or.jp

Do any of our readers in the Gifu-Nagoya area know of volunteering opportunities? Let us know and we’ll pass the information onto S.

Tax claims

Reader M.P. is wondering what the law is with regard to self-employed teachers’ tax claims? Is it possible, he wonders, to claim tax back on telephone bills, travel expenditure etc.?

Yes, there are many areas that you can deduct. In addition, you can form your own small company if needed to even further expand these.

The law has been changed so you can incorporate with no money down. The best advice is to set up an appointment with a “gyosei shoshi” or accountant and have them help you put together a plan that will allow you to maximize your deductions.

You can start with Mr. Nakai at (03) 6402-7654 or Mr. Taikihi at (03) 3351-8580. Both can get you started.

Amnesty benefit

Chris Pitts, the convener of Amnesty International Group 78 in Tokyo writes in to let us know about a benefit concert and dance party taking place in November.

The theme of the event is “Children need hugs, not guns.” Worldwide, more than half a million children under the age of 18 have been recruited into government armed forces, and a wide variety of nonstate armed groups.

Amnesty International is working with a coalition of groups to prevent children being used as soldiers in conflicts.

November’s event is part of Amnesty’s campaign to address this appalling situation.

The event will take place on Sunday, Nov. 13, at What the Dickens in Ebisu. Doors open at 6 p.m., with music from 7-11 p.m. Admission is 2,000 yen. All proceeds will go to Amnesty International.

It will feature The Hitmen, an energetic five-piece professional band who play well-known hits from the 60’s to today.

For further information, contact cpitts@gol.com and to download the poster for the event, see www.aig78.org/Events/novposter.pdf

For more information on the plight of child soldiers, see web.amnesty.org/pages/childsoldiers-index-eng


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