Have you eaten whale meat?


Saki Sakamura
Customer Service, 26
I’ve eaten whale before, but it was so-so. It used to be a really important part of Japanese culture, but we can’t really do it anymore, which is maybe a positive thing.

Jonathan Lucy
Unemployed, 23
No, I haven’t eaten whale meat. I’m a vegetarian, but I do eat fish, so I’m actually a vegeaquarian. But whales are mammals, we take care of our own, so I don’t think that I would try it.

Becky Jackson
Teacher, 30
No, I haven’t eaten whale and I wouldn’t, because in England we’ve always heard that the Japanese catch too many whales. I understand that culturally Japanese might want to eat it, but it’s not for me.

Chisako Tokuhara
Student, 20
No, I haven’t eaten whale, it’s only the older generation who do. They used to serve it in school lunches. I wouldn’t eat it. Some people just eat it because it’s hard to get.

Shinso Yokota
Uni. lecturer, 43
It’s a custom from a long time ago. Whales are seen as valuable creatures, but cows and pigs are also animals. I actually liked to eat whale meat when it was cheap, but now it’s really expensive.

Grant Habgood
Teacher, 22
No, I haven’t and I wouldn’t. Whale is obviously available from certain restaurants around town, and if it really was for scientific purposes then it wouldn’t be.