U.S. secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo didn’t get the memo.

Fireside chats are supposed to be avuncular, intimate conversations that inform and sooth the audience. Instead, in remarks last week to the Reagan National Defense Forum and in a subsequent interview with CNBC, Raimondo issued grim warnings about geopolitical and technological competition with China and steps that the U.S. is prepared to take to protect itself in that race.

Observers said that her comments “felt like a turning point” and mark the birth of “dark Gina.” While Raimondo doesn’t make the U.S. government’s tech policy, her department is instrumental in crafting and enforcing laws and regulations when that shuddering behemoth does reach consensus. Her remarks are a warning to U.S. businesses, China and American allies and partners that change is coming. The U.S. is taking a harder line on technology controls.