Halloween 2018 in Tokyo


Not so long ago, it was scary how few Halloween events there were in Japan, but in the past decade the country has truly embraced all of the tricks and treats that come with the haunted holiday. Here are just a few of the parades to see and clubs to party at this year.


Disneyland Halloween 2018
Sept. 11-Oct. 31
Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are once again celebrating Halloween with revamped with spooky decorations and parades, special merchandise and themed food at both parks.

Tokyo Skytree Moon Viewing and Halloween Event 2018
Oct. 1-31
Enjoy Halloween-themed events such as Sorakara-chan’s Magical Halloween Dance, and a Family Parade around the Soramachi shopping mall. At night, climb the tower to enjoy a special projection of Skytree’s Halloween film.

Sunshine City Halloween 2018
Sept. 27-Oct. 31
Sunshine City’s mall is getting festive with a costume contest for children, a mini costume parade, a live performance featuring ghosts and witches, and more. Sunshine City’s aquarium will also be getting in on the action with a spooky makeover.

Tokyo Tower Halloween 2018
Sept. 21-Oct. 31
The observatory will be illuminated with phantasmagorical ghosts, witches and bats with sound effects as you look out on the spectacular view of Tokyo.

Sanrio Puroland Halloween 2018
Sept. 14-Oct. 31
During the day, experience the “character boat ride” as the attraction is decorated with pumpkins, ghosts and orange version of Cinnamon Roll. However, as it turns dark, it gets more unsettling as ghosts and terrifying clowns take over the ride at night. There will also be a “Spooky Pumpkin Halloween” all-night party.

Universal Studios Japan Halloween 2018
Sept. 7-Nov. 4
Appropriately for the home of the Minions, USJ is hosting mischievous trick-or-treat parades during the day and a Halloween light show at night. The park is featuring two other events: an “Adult Halloween” with an adventure element, and an extreme level of terror in “Halloween Horror Night” where visitors will be chased by zombies and demons.

Aqua Pop Halloween 2018
Sept. 15-Oct. 31
This year’s event — titled “Aqua Pop Halloween” and directed by the multimedia unit Naked Inc. — transforms the aquarium into an stunning Instagram-friedly venue. The event will feature daytime and nighttime dolphin shows along with colorfully lit fish tanks.


Kichijoji Halloween Festival 2018
Oct. 30-31 (parade held on the 31st)
Perfect for families with children, visitors can go trick-or-treating in Kichijoji, receive gifts, goody bags and more — just as long as they are dressed up for the occasion.

Omotesando Pumpkin Parade 2018
Oct. 28
The Harajuku-Omotesando Halloween Pumpkin Parade will hold its 36th annual event. It usually attracts over 1,000 participants each year, with nearby stores and restaurants all serving Halloween-themed goods.

Kawasaki Halloween 2018
Oct. 28
Kawasaki is hosting its annual Halloween Parade around Kawasaki Station. It’s one of the biggest and flashiest parades in Japan, so it shouldn’t be missed.

Roppongi Hills Happy Halloween 2018
Oct. 27
Head to Roppongi Hills for an exciting Halloween parade, where this year’s theme is based on movie characters. Costumed kiddos will receive goodies and can also join a stamp rally. The whole family can head over to the nearby restaurants for some Halloween-inspired cuisine.

Futakotamagawa Halloween Party 2018
Oct. 27-28
The 4th Futakotamagawa Halloween party is for both parents and children. There will be a stamp rally, costume parade and live performances by the Tama Arts University students.

Yokohama Halloween Walk 2018
Oct. 28
Parade around seven Western-style houses in Yokohama dressed in costumes,and collect stamps on the way. Twelve stamps will earn you a special prize.

Ikebukuro Halloween Cosplay Festival 2018
Oct. 27-28
Watch your favorite characters come to life at Ikebukuro this Halloween. Whether you’re a professional cosplayer, a fan of anime, or just a newbie, everyone is welcome! A livestream of the event will also take place on Niconico in case you want to enjoy the event from the comfort of your own home.


Ageha Space Halloween 2018
Oct. 26
Ageha is one of Tokyo’s most popular clubs, and will be hosting a two-day Halloween event on the 26th and 27th of this month. The first day will be themed “Space Halloween,” with psychedelic, trance and hypno music. The following day is “Oedo Halloween,” with house and EDM genres of music.

Womb Halloween Party 2018
Oct. 27
This year’s Womb party, in partnership with Cosmopolitan supported by Cocalero, the lineup will feature special guest DJ Mariano Mellino, along with Masanori Morita, DJ Ogawa, Alyn and more. There will also be a Cosmopolitan booth, photobooth, and a lottery.

“Zombie Vision” Halloween Party 2018
Oct. 26, 27, 29, 31
The “Zombie Vision” Halloween Party 2018 will be a four-day event, starting on the 26th with free entry for ladies in costumes. There are different DJs and performers every night, with a not-yet-announced surprise guest on the 31st.

Yomiuriland Halloween
Oct. 28-31
“The Walking Dead”? Sorry, I don’t know her, because Yomiuri Land is hosting Japan’s largest zombie event for Halloween this year. There will be zombie food, zombie haunted houses, zombie-infested streets and zombie roller coaster rides!


Fuji-Q Halloween Fair 2018
Sept. 7-Oct. 31
From spiders in your sodas to zombie guts in your nabe, enjoy a spooky meal after your stomach drops from a rollercoaster.

Tokyo Dome’s Halloween sweets
Tokyo Dome’s lineup of restaurants have been bitten by the Halloween bug with Baskin Robbins’ gooey Halloween sundaes, caramelized pumpkin pie at Nana’s Green tea, Godiva’s famous chocolates cat-shaped tin, plus many more.

Laforet Halloween 2018
Oct. 1-31
Laforet, one of the top spots for some of Japan’s most iconic fashion subcultures, will have you trembling from how kawaii its Halloween-themed food is. Enjoy face painting at Guzman y Gomez as you stuff down some marshmallow ghosts.

Compiled by Rei Ando and Misha Cade