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Reader Mail Dec 6, 2012

No shortcut to the master level

A thank you to Amy Chavez for her Dec. 1 column, "The best-ever tips on learning Japanese." I am pleased that Chavez knows how to write the truth with heart. Her article is the stake in the heart of those that whine about Japanese ...

Reader Mail Dec 1, 2011

Just deserts of the Ichihashi flick

Regarding the Nov. 25 article "(Tatsuya) Ichihashi book on life on lam to be made into flick": An honorable thing to do would be to have the proceeds from the film contributed toward a memorial to the young woman whose life he took. Otherwise, producing ...

Editorials Sep 27, 2011

Health side of tobacco tax

Health and welfare minister Yoko Komiyama on Sept. 9 said that the price of a pack of cigarettes should be raised ¥100 each year to around ¥700 at least and the jurisdiction of tobacco-related administration should be transferred from the Finance Ministry to her ...