Kaoruko Aita

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Community Feb 2, 2003

New furrows in the field of medicine

It is often said that medicine in Japan is still far behind the West. This is true, unfortunately, in terms of patients' rights advocacy, malpractice-prevention measures, the medical education system, and hospital amenities and working conditions. However, in terms of medical technology, Japan is on ...

National Jun 9, 2002

Makeup therapist tries to boost patients' esteem, health

It is a skin-thin issue, but it could also be a matter of life-saving gravity. Such is the significance of "rehabilitation makeup" in the eyes of leading makeup therapist Reiko Kazuki. Kazuki has played a major role in establishing the new field by incorporating counseling ...

Attitudinal shift is lifting taboo on death education: professor

National May 1, 2002

Attitudinal shift is lifting taboo on death education: professor

Public attitudes in Japan toward death and dying have undergone considerable changes in the past 20 years, according to Alfons Deeken, founder and president of the Japanese Association for Death Education and Grief Counseling. Traditionally, talking about death has been taboo, Deeken said. But today, ...

National Dec 12, 2001

Safety a priority for marrow foundation

Ensuring the safety of goodwill donors is the priority when conducting bone marrow transplants, according to officials of the Japan Marrow Donor Foundation. A bone marrow donation, unlike giving blood, is a difficult procedure that places a large burden on the donor. In the procedure, 500cc ...

Marrow bank struggles to meet demand

National Dec 12, 2001

Marrow bank struggles to meet demand

More bone marrow donors are needed to save the lives of people with deadly blood diseases, according to the Japan Marrow Donor Foundation. The Tokyo-based bone marrow bank will celebrate its 10th anniversary on Tuesday with a campaign to find more donors. "Our goal now ...

National Mar 29, 2001

Surprise ruling won't wash with the victims

Contrary to widespread expectations, the Tokyo District Court on Wednesday acquitted Takeshi Abe, former vice president of Teikyo University in Tokyo, of professional negligence resulting in the death of one of his patients. It is believed the court strictly abided by the rules of the ...

National Oct 25, 2000

Why do some doctors anesthetize brain-dead patients?

Tetsuo Furukawa, professor emeritus of neurology at Tokyo Medical and Dental School, is a rarity in Japan: a neurologist who has been crusading against the practice of transplanting organs from brain-dead donors. Furukawa worries that patients in a supposedly brain-dead state may nevertheless feel ...

National Oct 25, 2000

It's a matter of life and death

Staff writer Brain death: It's a phrase we hear every day. In Japan, the public has been exposed to it to the point of numbness through nationwide campaigns for more organ donors. "Brain death is human death, and organ donation saves lives," we are ...

National Oct 18, 2000

How dead is dead enough?

The line between life and death has grown increasingly obscure in the United States, the world's most active organ-transplant community, as surgeons grapple with a delicate problem: Organs available for transplant may become less viable if pronouncement of a donor's death is delayed until ...