Hiroshi Yamagiwa

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Business Sep 24, 2002

'Al-Qaeda' economist slams band-aid mentality

Masaru Kaneko calls himself an "al-Qaeda" among economic academics, noting that his position has won him no sympathy from the mainstream. The Keio University professor is harshly critical of mainstream economists, labeling them "market fundamentalists" who believe the market mechanism is omnipotent but cannot explain ...

Business Aug 6, 2002

Professor champions cause of small manufacturers

Small and midsize manufacturers don't make for as flashy headlines as giants like Sony and Toyota. They are sometimes even collectively considered a symbol of a debt-laden Japan Inc. Now that China has risen as a low-cost production power, are small and midsize Japanese manufacturers ...

Keio professor applies soccer tactics to business

Business | THE WRITERS' SPIN May 31, 2002

Keio professor applies soccer tactics to business

Watching World Cup soccer games may give corporate managers a good clue about productive organization. Shunsuke Takahashi, an expert on human resources management, said that in a "soccer style" organization, team members work autonomously and flexibly. Even defenders can take shots on goal. This contrasts ...

Consultant wary of 'U.S.-style' info, mutual funds

Business | THE WRITERS' SPIN Jan 23, 2002

Consultant wary of 'U.S.-style' info, mutual funds

Hajime Yamazaki must be an enemy of mutual fund companies. The popular investment consultant goes out of his way to criticize what he calls U.S.-style investment education, which is widely used to sell mutual funds, or investment trust funds, in Japan. "American-style investment education is not ...

'Dull' firms blamed for slump

Business | THE WRITERS' SPIN Dec 4, 2001

'Dull' firms blamed for slump

Many people blame the government for the nation's prolonged economic slump. But business consultant Tadashi Saegusa believes companies that delay internal restructuring are the prime culprits. "Consumers aside, an economy is basically an aggregate of companies. If companies' management is dull, the Japanese economy naturally ...

Business Oct 18, 2001

Bankruptcy rush simmering: Teikoku Databank expert

Katsuyuki Kumagai has witnessed an abundance of corporate bankruptcies during his 17-year tenure at a credit research firm. Katsuyuki Kumagai His official prediction that Japan would suffer a rush of bankruptcies beginning this year, however, has thus far proved less accurate than his standards would demand. "The ...

National Nov 10, 2000

White House change won't alter policies

Regardless of the outcome of the U.S. presidential race, Japan will continue talks with the new administration regarding Okinawa Prefecture's demand for a 15-year limit on the U.S. military's use of a planned new airfield there, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuo Fukuda said Thursday. Tokyo's policy ...