Andrew Rankin

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/ Feb 17, 2008

A return to Japanese sensibility

SHAME IN THE BLOOD by Tetsuo Miura, translated by Andrew Driver. Shoemaker & Hoard, 2007, 216 pp., $24.95 (cloth) Of all the major postwar Japanese writers, Tetsuo Miura is the least translated. One or two of his short stories found print in English-language magazines during ...

/ Jul 8, 2007

A question of dignity or cause for embarrassment

THE DIGNITY OF THE NATION by Masahiko Fujiwara, translated by Giles Murray. IBC Publishing 2007, 278 pp., 1,400 yen (paper) The title of this little book deliberately echoes that of a notorious pamphlet issued by the Japanese government in 1937, at the peak of ...

Jul 12, 2000

A taste of the good life in Izu

SHIMODA, Shizuoka Pref. -- There is no shortage of ryokan in Izu. The hot springs run unbroken down the coast from Atami to the tip of the peninsula, and some towns seem to have more onsen than houses. The Seiryuso ryokan in Shimoda is one ...

Mar 8, 2000

A reputation so good it's true

Few things are more disturbing for the traveler than splashing out on a hotel with a world-class reputation, only to find that reputation out of date by 50 years, and standards dismally lower than less celebrated alternatives. One feels deceived, insulted. Even when standards are ...

Jul 14, 1999

Getting into hot water in Fukushima

The sleepy town of Kitakata in northwest Fukushima hasn't much to interest tourists. The ramen is famous, but once you've seen the lacquer museum and some of the old storehouses, you may be stuck for ideas. The locals are rather proud of their Daibutsu, ...